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Providing Compliance Knowledge through Expert-Driven Programs

We ensure we fully understand the learning outcomes, which in many cases are based around delegates undertaking and achieving professional qualifications through examination and assignments. We then design material, including tests and assignments, which reinforce the learning outcomes and also enable on-course measurement of understanding. After each course, we review our materials to determine if any improvements can be made.

Onsite Training (Your Facility)

ISDE brings the expertise to your location, resulting in immediate benefits. This option is convenient for scheduling and provides an opportunity to train the whole team. Onsite Training is most popular with organizations that require five or more participants to be trained.

Offsite Training (Our Facility)

ISDE's Training Centers provide an environment without interruption from daily activities. This option is beneficial to individuals or teams that require advanced training. It provides the opportunity to gain valuable insight while bench marking with people from other industries.

On Demand Virtual Learning

For all of the challenges that physical training can pose for learners , live virtual training offers a compelling, cost-effective and result-oriented solution to those challenges. One experiences the same high-quality training as one would by traveling to a training center.

Training At Your Premises

ISDE on-site training is designed for organizations who have a training facility available to them. The date is chosen by the hosting organization, subject to instructor availability. The cost to the organization is less per individual due to no travel or room expenses for local personnel, and the cost of training reduced by no need to reserve a hosting facility.

By having training performed at your own facility, this eliminates the hassle of scheduling and approving costs for staff to fly out to a given location. Courses are scheduled by you, with the only variation as a result of instructor schedules, so you will likely be able to secure a date that is most convenient for you, and maximize the number of attending individuals.

All courses listed in the ISDE Course Catalog are available for private/on-site training, dependent upon course availablity due to instructor, schedule, and/or content revision.

Benefits Of Training At Your Premises

  • Better value for multiple staff to be trained
  • Can work with your business and tailor the course to your exact requirements
  • Reduces the issue of discussing confidential information
  • Great team building opportunities
  • No additional travel costs
  • Can use your real life business challenges and we can assist in overcoming these
  • More flexible for your staff and business needs


ISDE online webinars provide an intermediary solution to your training needs by allowing users to attend a live, instructor–led course from the convenience of their homes or offices.

The platform allows the instructor to answer or clarify any concerns students may have while reviewing the course material. These webinars offer the versatility for students to be as involved, or as less involved and more observant, as they choose to be without the pressures of an actual classroom setting.

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