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Current educational trends, the emergence of the knowledge society, societal changes, and globalization influenced the higher education at the greater level and thus resulted in a quality education and quality assurance, the transformation of the education system and changes in teaching and learning approaches like virtual learning and more technologically enhanced learning. Among a wide range of ICT tools, Learning Management System has been introduced to academic institutions and industries not more than two decades.

“ This webianr is an effort which points towards the role of the LMS in teaching and learning pedagogy, access and flexibility, and cost effectiveness in higher education and it is suggested for higher education institutions to integrate the LMS into their teaching and learning process in order to achieve effective learning outcome.“

It allows the users to experience meaningful learning by different learning styles, matching individual’ Sneed, self-paced learning, and promoting lifelong learning. Most significantly, Learning Management System has provided easy access to and thus promoted flexibility in learning that one can learn from anywhere and at any time without place and time constraints.

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  • When:

    14 October 2020

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    10 - 12 PM IST

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    Open to all

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